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Have a look at the results from todays session it makes upsetting reading, having done 120 sessions to be witness to such total disregard for the speed limit is very hard.  Almost makes me wonder if there is a point to what we are doing.

Information Sign

As some of you will be aware some thief has stolen one of our signs.  The sign is one of the small yellow ones informing people of the number of animal deaths on the Moor last year.  I cannot believe he/she has any use for it and suspect it was stolen out of spite or as a perceived joke.  As this sign was private property this is no joke and is a blatant theft.  I have of course reported this theft to the police and they have given me a crime number which is CR-026685/18.  If anyone has any information regarding this sign they can contact me on 01822 890753.  I will suggest that whoever took it discreetly puts it back, if the thief is caught they will be prosecuted. 


 Good News - I just wanted to share this with everyone, a bitter sweet success story.  During 2017 there were 164 Road Traffic Accidents on the Moors.  This resulted in 133 animal deaths and 31 animals injured.  This is a reduction of 22 deaths and whilst the number is still far too high this reduction is very welcome.  We now need to build on this and see if we can reduce it further for 2018.  Thank you to all those drivers who are now driving with MOOR care.

Dartmoor National Park is a vast moorland in Devon county, in southwest England. Ponies roam its craggy landscape, defined by forests, rivers, wetlands and rock formations (tors). Trails wind through valleys with Neolithic tombs, Bronze Age stone circles and abandoned medieval farmhouses. The area has a handful of villages, including Princetown, home to Dartmoor Prison.  The Prison was home to French prisoners of war during the Napoleonic war 1805 then again the American prisoners of war during the war of 1812, and is currently home to Category C prisoners.   Of course Dartmoor is also rich in animal life.

As well as an abundance of wildlife on Dartmoor, the Moor is also famous for its Ponies, Sheep and Cows. These animals roam freely across the 954 square kilometres of the Moor. As lovely as they are they almost totally lack the road sense that many drivers believe they have. The death toll of these animals rises weekly 

Things have been a bit busy of late but I thought it time for an update on where we are with the campaign.  When dealing with other peoples money it' s important that everyone knows what is going on.  The Yellow Signs have all been paid for and we are still waiting for one sponsorship payment to come in.  When it does we will have a total of £1455.50   With Christmas looming I will wait until the New Year before starting on our literature campaign.  

Major step forwards towards our goal of raising awareness of the importance of driving carefully when on the Moors. Many of you will now have seen some of these signs



 We need people to fully understand the huge loss of animal life that occurs here every year.


I have been very lucky to have found a number of generous people who have been willing to sponsor these signs.


So far I have had some very good feedback about the signs which is encouraging.

These signs are only temporary and will be moved around from time to time.

Next year the figures on the signs will be changed, lets hope they are less than this.


And last but not least a photo from the Dartmoor livestock Protection Society.